Fishery Resources

Duration 3 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥20,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language English

Program Infomation

"The PhD degree in Fishery Resources (FR), approved by State Council Academic Degrees Committee, is a second-class discipline for doctoral degree under the first-class discipline of Aquaculture at Ningbo University. The PhD program in FR allows doctoral students to purse an advanced degree in 3 areas: 
(1) fisheries resources and aquatic environment (FRAE),
(2) aquaculture molecular biology (AMB), and 
(3) physiology and biochemistry of aquatic animals and plants (PBAAP).
The area of FRAE focuses on fisheries enhancement systems, evaluation of environmental quality for fisheries and aquaculture, and the production and release of fingerling. The PhD advisor group for FRAE includes Dr. ZHANG Deming, Dr. DING Dewen, Dr. XU Jilin, Dr. ZHOU Qicun, and Dr. LI Jialin. The area of AMB focuses on molecular breeding and marker-assisted selection, molecular mechanism in adaptation of aquaculture organisms to environment, fish and shellfish diseases and immunology, molecular diagnosis, molecular micro-ecology of microbial pathogens. Faculty members supporting this area include Dr. XUE Liangyi, Dr. WANG Chunli, Dr. CHEN Jiong, and Dr. LIU Xiao.The area PBAAP focuses on nutrient contents, physiology and biochemistry, and important genes in aquaculture species or other naturally aquatic species. PhD advisors for this area include Dr. YAN Xiaojun, DR. XU Nianjun and Dr. ZHU Dongfa."
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